$10.2 million Energy Center rising quickly

Category : News | Published : Tue Oct 06 2015 | Read : 1068

Two cars with out-of-state license plates were paused in the street, almost blocking traffic. The drivers and passengers were looking and pointing at Somerset Energy Center. Somerset Mayor Eddie Girdler said this is typical of the attention grabbed by an impressive new landmark, an imposing one-of-a kind structure that has risen at the corner of College and East Mt. Vernon streets in downtown Somerset. Technological brains of the Energy Center will monitor Somerset’s natural gas pipeline network and provide space for a new city hall. “The building is both eye-catching and functional,” said Girdler. “Not a single dollar of taxpayers’ money is being used for the $10.2 million facility,” Girdler assured. Bonds that finance the structure will be retired with money from the city’s natural gas operations...

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