Continental Refining adding equipment, employees

Category : News | Published : Wed Dec 09 2015 | Read : 1061

A public relations specialist for Continental Refining Company (CRC) says the former Somerset Refinery is adding new production and pollutant discharge equipment and is in the process of hiring four additional employees. “We are doing really well,” remarked Missy Shorey. She said one of the exciting additions to the refinery is a crude distillation tower that processes 3,000 barrels of transmix (transportation mixture) a day. Transmix is produced when refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel mix together. Shorey said transportation mixture can occur when tanker drivers mistakenly put the wrong product into tanks. When combined, these products no longer meet approved specifications and cannot be used. The crude distillation tower makes transmix usable and prevents waste, she noted...

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