CRC shipping from Somerset Rail Park

Category : News | Published : Thu Aug 25 2016 | Read : 742

Continental Refining Company (CRC) in Somerset has begun using an existing intermodal transportation facility to ship products more efficiently to national markets and receive crude oil and petroleum products.

CRC, in a bubbly optimistic news release Tuesday, said the company is still hiring; that its work force has increased to 55; and since July 27 the former Somerset Refinery has been utilizing Somerset Rail Park to receive crude oil and ship products to national markets.

Somerset Rail Park is a 34-acre state-of-the-art facility located off Murphy Avenue Extension (Ky. 1247) south of Ferguson. This Norfolk Southern TBT terminal (Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal) is a top-quality rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transfer facility and considered among the best in the transportation industry....  

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