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Education is the process of learning and applying what we learn. That means education is a never-ending process. However, in the traditional sense, Somerset and Pulaski County excels in providing educational opportunities.

From kindergarten to institutions of higher learning, to sophisticated technical training, you’re given the opportunity to become all you wish to be. We provide a balance of learning and extra-curricular activities, a well-rounded offering of public and parochial schools and provide a wide array of choices in continued education.

Somerset and Pulaski County has one of the best Community College programs in the nation with training from traditional business skills to CAD/CAM to medical services and aircraft maintenance. And nearby are some of our country's most renowned Universities.

When it comes to an experienced and well-educated workforce, you’ll find it here. And, if you’re thinking about relocating your family here, when it comes to education, there are endless opportunities.