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"Southern Hospitality" - it's a term that's often used but seldom fully understood. Let us show you the complete definition of the expression. The people of Somerset and Pulaski County are strict personifications of the term. And, it isn’t because they’re lifelong southerners. That’s the beauty of our area – New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, Canadians, French, Nigerians…the vast “melting pot” that is America is poured out over the hills of Pulaski County and dots the landscape in a rainbow of cultural colors, much like the splendor of the foliage in the fall.

The people of Somerset and Pulaski County are diverse in many ways and yet much the same in others. Different socio-economic and educational backgrounds define what we are. The recently relocated blend with people whose families settled the area centuries ago, all of whom are willing to accept you with open arms and fondly offer you a smile, a cold glass of sweet tea and share with you their endless opportunities.

Come enjoy the "Southern Hospitality" that is Somerset and Pulaski County.