Somerset Independent School

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The mission of the Somerset Independent Schools is to create, implement, and maintain an environment which encourages all students to reach their full potential.  This will be achieved through a commitment to school and district initiatives to reach proficiency.  

Somerset Independent Schools high school graduates receive top collegiate and academic scholarships from leading universities nationwide and receive top rakings in placement academic scores. Somerset Independent Schools consist of one Preschool-Grade 4 facility, Hopkins Elementary; one school serving grades 5-8, Meece Middle; and one 9-12 facility, Somerset High School. Students receive instruction in the typical PS-12 classes along with numerous Advanced Placement Classes. Dual credit classes are provided to juniors and seniors through Somerset Community College and Eastern Kentucky University. Vocational education classes are available through the Pulaski County Area Technology Center and KCTCS. Approximately 100 students graduate from Somerset High School annually. For more information, visit their website at